National AML-CFT Strategy - cover Page

Seychelles National AML/CFT Strategy

Seychelles launches the new strategy for the Anti-money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism.

Emergency Notice (SCAM)

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) wishes to advise the public of a current email scam using misappropriated identities of past and current staff of the FIU for fraudulent purposes. The FIU alerts any person who has received such emails to ignore the email and to delete it from their inbox. The FIU reminds all persons to be vigilant against scams, in particular from email, fake websites and social media.

Electronic scams can be highly sophisticated and they may, at first glance, seem legitimate and may purportedly come from a person you know.

The FIU advises the public to be very careful of disclosing any personal information or making payments when a request for either is received unsolicited and may involve dealing, or transacting, with people or businesses in countries you normally do not deal with. The FIU is currently in the process of establishing the source of these scams with an aim to disrupt them. In the event you may have concerns about the authenticity of official emails emanating from the FIU, you may get in touch with us on 4383400 for verification purposes.


Annual Report

Get the Annual Report 2019 and know more about what the FIU did in 2019.

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Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022

Know more about the Seychelles FIU's 3 year plan

The Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU’’) has resume it’s normal operations since 4th May 2020.

Despite the lifting of certain restrictions, the FIU acknowledges that the new normal will come with some challenges and shall therefore continue to work closely with all reporting entities to manage and mitigate Money Laundering (“ML”) and Terrorist Financing (“TF”) risks and to maintain compliance…

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