A Threshold Report is a report that Reporting Entities (REs) are required to file with the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”) for executing cash transactions or wire transfers above the prescribed threshold limit.

The threshold reporting obligation is clearly defined in Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act, 2020 (“AML/ CFT Act 2020”), Section 5 of the AML/ CFT Act creates the obligation on reporting entities to file Cash Transaction Threshold Reporting (“CTTR”) and Wire Transfer Transaction Reporting (“WTTR”) with the FIU in the manner prescribed by the FIU.

The threshold reporting consists of two types of reports:

  • Cash Transaction Threshold Report (“CTTR”)
  • Wire Transfer Threshold Report (“WTTR”)

The guidelines issued by the FIU provides guidance to REs on their obligation and the manner by they are required to submit threshold reports

Wire Transfer Threshold Reporting (“WTTR”)         

Reporting Forms

  1. WTTR Form – Banks