Seychelles Beneficial Ownership

As per section 13 of the Beneficial Ownership Act, 2020, legal persons and legal arrangements are required to populate their Beneficial Ownership information to the FIU through their resident agents. As such, in order to comply with this obligation, resident agents are required to register and populate the Beneficial Ownership databases as appropriate.

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Domestic Sector

All legal persons found under part A of the First Schedule of the Beneficial Ownership Act, 2020, must comply to the BO Act by January 31st, 2022

Legal Persons:

  • A company, including an overseas company, incorporated or registered under the Companies Act.
  • An Association registered under the Registration of Associations Act.
  • A partner of a partnership under the Civil Code of Seychelles Act.

Register of Beneficial Owners

Every legal person shall maintain a register, to be known as a register of beneficial owners, at the principal place of business of its resident agent.

“resident agent” means—

a)secretary appointed under section 179 of the Companies Act;

b)the person responsible under section 12 of the Registration of Associations Act;

c)a partner of a partnership under the Civil Code of Seychelles Act;

Beneficial Ownership Database

Beneficial ownership information of legal persons must be uploaded onto the Seychelles Beneficial Ownership Database through their resident agent.

Below are guidelines for accessing and populating the Seychelles BO database;

Step 1

Download and read through the guidelines for registration. There are 2 registration forms available;

company secretaries acting in their individual capacity

BO Guidelines – Resident Agent (Individual)

Companies offering secretarial services

BO Guidelines – Resident Agent (Corporate Entity)

Step 2

Access the Beneficial Ownership Domestic Portal and complete your registration.

Important: Ensure all mandatory documents are attached to your registration

Step 3

After the FIU has reviewed and approved your registration, you can now login on the platform and populate BO information per below guidelines;

BO Guidelines – Populating the BO database

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Non-Domestic Sector

For legal persons and legal arrangements found under part B of the First Schedule of the Beneficial Ownership Act, 2020, please use the following link to access the Seychelles BO database


An international business company incorporated or continued or converted under the International Business Companies Act.

A protected cell company incorporated under the Protected Cell Companies Act.

A company incorporated under the Companies (Special Licences) Act.

A foundation established under the Foundations Act.


A resident trustee of an international trust under the International Trusts Act.

A general partner of a limited partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act.

Non-Domestic Beneficial Ownership Database Registration Guidelines

User Guide for populating Beneficial Ownership Information onto the Non-Domestic Beneficial Ownership Database

 Confirmation reports – Peazip guide

Upon successful submission of BO information onto the Seychelles BO database, note that the FIU will be sending confirmation reports through the message board. This confirmation will be in protected PDF format and will require the use of peazip to unlock and extract the information. As such, kindly find below guidance on how to open a protected peazip file and link to download and install the software.

Peazip Video – Usage

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